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«Italian Theory» in the Crisis of Globalization
(pp. 123-128; DOI: 10.23692/iMex.11.9)

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Prof. Dr. Dario Gentili

Dario Gentili (Napoli, 1975) is Associate Professor in Moral Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, University of Roma Tre. He has a PhD in Ethics and Political-Legal Philosophy from the University of Salerno. He did his post doctorate research in Philosophy and the History of Ideas at the Sum (Italian Institute of Human Sciences), Florence, and received a DAAD post doctorate grant to work at the Walter Benjamin Archive in Berlin. He became a Research Fellow at the Sum (Italian Institute of Human Sciences) and in Autumn 2014 he was Visiting Researcher at Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf.

His essays are translated into English and other languages.

Monographs: Il tempo della storia. Le tesi “sul concetto di storia” di Walter Benjamin, Guida, Napoli 2002; Topografie politiche. Spazio urbano, cittadinanza, confini in Walter Benjamin e Jacques Derrida, Quodlibet, Macerata 2009; Italian Theory. Dall’operaismo alla biopolitica, Il Mulino, Bologna 2012.

The article discusses Roberto Esposito’s «Living Thought» from the point of view of “Italian Theory”, a topic that Esposito introduces and analyzes in the first chapter. “Italian Theory” doesn’t aim to emphasize a “national difference” in philosophy in order to resist to the uniformity of Anglo-American globalization, but rather it represents a critical perspective within the «geophilosophy» of today, that would aim to think the difference of a particular philosophical tradition neither as «national» nor as the newest trend of the global academic market.

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