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Numerous interdisciplinary studies  on  the  topics  of  gender  and sexuality  have  been produced  in  Latin  America  during the first two  decades  of  the  21st  century.  In  Mexico, specifically, over the past fifteen years several critical works have focused on the study of sexuality,  sexual  orientation,  gender  identity,  and  sexual  politics, considering  multiple behaviors that challenge heteronormativity, and political correctness.

For this special issue of iMex. México Interdisciplinario / Interdisciplinary Mexico we are looking  for  critical  articles  that trace  diverse  representations  of  gender  and  sexuality  in literary  works  published  in  Mexico  since  the  year  2000.  We  are interested  in  critical, theoretical,  and  interdisciplinary  essays  that  study  Mexico’s  most  recent  literature and/or literary trends. Of particular interest will be those articles focused on the representation of feminism  and  masculinity,  bisexuality,  transexuality, lesbianism,  sexism,  gender discrimination, alternative sexualities, and dissident sexual behaviors. Articles may be on one  particular author  or  work, or  on several  literary  works (all  literary  genres will  be considered).  However,  all  articles must contextualize  these works  within  Mexico’s  wide literary spectrum, taking into account both critical and theoretical sources produced in and outside of Mexico.

The deadline for all articles written in English or in Spanish is June 30, 2017. They should be saved in ‘Microsoft Word 97-2004’ (Times New Roman 12 pts., double-spaced, with no indentations),  and  they should  follow  the  MLA  style  (7th  edition).  Please,  send  your articles for evaluation to the following email addresses:
Prof. Dr. Oswaldo Estrada:
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Yasmin Temelli:

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