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XII. Business in Mexico

Contributions to the twelth issue – scheduled for July 2017 – will explore the impact of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement on Mexico, and they will examine proposals to improve intercultural relations and socioeconomic developments with and within Mexico in the context of 25 years of NAFTA.

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Mexico, the United States and Canada came into effect on the 1st of January 1994. Since then, the contract has managed to develop the expectations and illusions of its promotors, but it has also led to an in-depth examination by its critics. In particular, the FTA enhanced a new level of competition for the Mexican market, as it had to adapt to a very different framework, and there is evidence for a deterioration of living conditions, economic development and social progression (Avendaño & Acosta, 2009; Oddone & Granato, 2013; Yúnez-Naude & Paredes, 2004; Arredondo, Reyes & Moyao, 2014).

In this context, we suggest to re-examine current strategies and to explore alternatives to improve socio-economic progress and business in Mexico. Key themes will include social corporative responsibility, new tendencies in human resource management, intercultural business communication, the role of women and migrants in SMEs and global business as well as developments in the social economy.

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