“Herzflimmern – Electro onda” by Goethe-Institute Mexico


Image by Goethe-Institute Mexico

On the occasion of Pride Month in June, the Goethe-Institute Mexico will publish various interviews from June 28th to July 26th. DJs and LGBTQIA+ collectives will have their say here and report on the role of sexual diversity in the electro scene of Germany and Mexico.”How tolerant and diverse is the world of electronic music and culture?” The online format explores this question in three video sequences.

Goethe Institue Mexico explains:
“On July 29th we start with a digital interview with the Mexican collective TechnoMEN MX, who will talk about their music and their work to create LGBTQIA+ meeting places around techno music.
We continue on July 8th with an interview with Perra Inmunda, Berlin-based DJ producer and performer, who will talk about his interdisciplinary artistic projects in the Berlin scene.
Finally, on July 13th, the Mexican collective Pervert MX will explain what their innovative and unique concept of queer parties is all about.”

The interviwes will be published in german and spanish language.

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