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Cine de espanol: SILENCE RADIO, Juliana Fanjul (2019)

Image: Q Kunsthaus Nürnberg

The “Filmhaus im KunstKulturQuartier” in Nuremberg currently offers the possibility of a digital visit to the film “RADIO SILENCE” by Juliana Fanjul. The documentary can be viewed within the format “Cine de espanol”, organized by Kino3.

The film portrays the journalist Carmen Aristegui, who lives and works in Mexico. It reports on the struggle for democracy and freedom rights in Mexico and accompanies Arstegui on her fight for independent expression.
Kino3 describes the movie as “the stirring portrait of the incorruptible journalist Carmen Aristegui, who refuses to be intimidated and silenced.”

The film will be shown in its original language, Spanish, with German subtitles.

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