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This issue aims to highlight the importance of “cultural transformations,” which are often overlooked or treated as latent elements in the face of major social, technological, ecological, and economic transformations. However, culture(s) form the substrate and foundation of these transformations. We will examine the “cultural” approach from various forms such as texts, media, practices, systems, and dynamics in and from Mexico.


• Popular culture and transcultural processes: transcultural objects and practices within different cultures and their transformations; or from Mexico to the world and back.

• Forms of knowledge within popular cultures: discourses, communities, practices and spaces; What kind of knowledges lie within forms and practices?

• Theoretical discussions of cultural transformations: How can we situate those different cultural dimensions within processes of identity and Otherness? What can be identified as trigger of those transformations and how do they come into being?

• Cultural transformations from a diachronic and synchronic perspectives.

• Intersections and conflicts regarding cultural transformations: from transculturation to cultural dominance and appropriation.

Articles can be sent to the e-mail address of the editor of this dossier Hans Bouchard (Universität Siegen; until November 30, 2023 in Microsoft Word format.

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